Lukang Old Street
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Lukang Old Street includes Yaolin Street and Putou Street. The historic site is perhaps the only place in Taiwan which best preserves the architecture stemming from as early as the Qing Dynasty. Previously a prosperous business center in the Qing Dynasty, the town’s streets feature buildings with a shop front and a back door facing the river for loading goods. Today, these traditional architectural pieces with brick walls, tiled roof as well as wooden door and windows are listed as a historic site. In addition to the main street, the winding brick streets and the narrow Osmanthus Lane are another area which had been filled with shops and households since early times. Now the area is occupied by folk art shops, nostalgic stores, teahouses, bookstores and painting stores, restaurants, local food vendors, and pastry stores, which are always packed with tourists on holidays. Walking on the streets, you will feel like being a part of a Qing drama.
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Lukang Old Street


address:Yaolin Street, Lukang Township, Changhua County, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

website:Click here

Remark:Courtesy-Tourism Bureau, R.O.C(交通部觀光局);Photographer-Richcomm(銳志傳播); Photographer-Richcomm(銳志傳播)

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