Beitou Hot Spring Museum
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Thanks to the rich deposit of geothermal resources, the Beitou district in North Taiwan is famous for its healing hot springs and therefore granted the name “hot spring utopia.” The district is also home to Beitou Hot Spring Museum, an old building with over 100 years of history. Through the exhibitions, visitors can get a glance of Beitou’s rich history and culture. A magnificent grand Roman pool surrounded by arcades and colossal columns further stirs feelings of nostalgia. A Japanese retro ambience pervades the quiet, peaceful space, bringing visitors back to people’s life one hundred years ago. Beitou Library is a branch of Taipei Public Library. Adjacent to the Beitou Hot Spring Museum, Beitou Library is the first green building library in Taiwan which has obtained the EEWH green building certification with a diamond rating. It was also granted a certificate by Taiwan’s Ministry of the Interior to honor its fulfilment in nine environmental indicators. In 2012, the library was further selected in “The 25 Most Beautiful Public Libraries in the World” by, an American online magazine. Go to the library and take a deep breath both spiritually and physically. From its natural surroundings to building materials used, from construction techniques to the large collection of ecological and nature conservation books, the library proves to be a refreshing, relaxing space for everyone and a model for Taiwan’s green buildings. Beitou Garden Spa is also known as the Millennium Hot Springs because it was opened in 2000. Located in Beitou Park, the spa covers about 1,000m2 with a Japanese-style building mainly constructed with logs and wood. The spring water in the garden spa is sourced from Beitou Geothermal Valley (Hell Valley), which is famous for natural sulfuric hot spring water. There are six public spa pools whose temperature varies according to the location, the lower being the cooler. You can choose a pool with the most comfortable temperature and experience immediate relaxation. Guests are reminded to wear a bathing suit for hygiene purposes.
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Beitou Hot Spring Museum


address:No. 2, Zhongshan Rd., Beitou Dist., Taipei City 112, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

website:Click here

Remark:Courtesy-Tourism Bureau, R.O.C.(交通部觀光局)

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