Pineapple Hill Culture Park in Chiayi County
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Minsyong Village in Chiayi was formerly called “Da-mao,” which literally means “hitting cats.” Situated near the Northern Tropic, Minsyong boasts mildly sour red soil which is best for the growth of pineapple plants. As a result, Minsyong produces the most pineapples in Taiwan, which are famous for a sweet, soft flesh and juicy taste. Combining pineapple and “cat” in its former name, the Pineapple Hill Culture Park creates a “pineapple cat” as its mascot which greets visitors everywhere in the park, and the over 700-hectare culture park is always packed with tourists on holidays. Tourists can sample a complete bar of pineapple cake in the shopping area. The carefully-made golden pineapple nuggets are worth your special attention. The sweet and sour cakes are made with fresh pineapples which are awarded the Shen-Nong Prize. A fruit only makes four bars of pineapple cakes. Savoring the cake with the sample oolong tea brings the best enjoyment. Go upstairs to the outdoor viewing deck to enjoy a complete view of the pineapple farms. You can also step into the farms for direct contact with the fruit. The pineapple cat signs and other standing posters in the farm will give you a lot of interesting information about this golden fruit. A visit to the Pineapple Hill Culture Park is a feast of delicious food as well as a profound experience which connects people more deeply to the land.
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Pineapple Hill Culture Park in Chiayi County


address:No. 1-3, Chencuoliao, Sanxing Vil., Minsyong Township, Chiayi County 621, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

website:Click here

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