Kenting National Park
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Cool, salty breezes from the ocean are always one of the biggest attractions for people in summer, and Kenting in southern Taiwan is always the first holiday destination that jumps into their mind. With elegant coastlines and soft, clean beaches, Kenting is a favorite place for shooting idol dramas and music videos. The rich ecological resources along the rocky beach further make it a paradise for snorkeling. You will marvel at the splendid display of reefs and creatures on the seabed. Crazy Racing on Water: The water sports in Kenting is not limited to beach volleyball and swimming. You can experience the speed on a watercraft, banana boat, hot dog towable tube, aquaboard or enjoy the excitement of surfing, sailboat riding, or rubber boat sailing. Speed, speed, and more speed! Super Street Fun: Kenting streets in the summer are always packed with happy men and ladies in relaxing yet fashionable outfits. To be in style, you’ve got to go to one of the local trendy shops and pick up some tropical-style outfits to show off your distinctive style. Tasty Cuisine Delight: Exotic ambience and a summer feel are the hallmark of restaurants in Kenting, with many taverns featuring tropical decoration and mix-and-match cuisine. Like a magic, the locally-sourced food materials are creatively turned into an unimaginable variety of exquisite, exotic dishes. Come and enjoy the sunshine, beach, and bikini!
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Kenting National Park


address:No. 596, Kenting Rd., Hengchun Township, Pingtung County 946, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

website:Click here

Remark:Courtesy-Tourism Bureau, R.O.C(交通部觀光局); Photographer-Wu, Yu-lin(吳玉麟);Photographer-Zeng, Wen-peng(曾文鵬) ;Photographer-Yeh, Ying-jin(葉英晉); Photographer-Guan Qun Photography Studio(冠群攝影)

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