Nanfangao Tourist Center
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Located at the south of Su’ao Port, Nanfangao is a small fishing port surrounded by mountains with an opening towards the Pacific. The secluded port is near the finishing ground, therefore, it boasts an extremely good catch and is one of the three largest fishing towns in Taiwan as well as an important base for distant fishing in Eastern Taiwan. There are three subsidiary ports and a fish market in Nanfangao to satisfy different needs. The Yugang Road near the Third Port attracts the most tourists due to the seafood shops and specialty stores. The Nantian Temple at the opposite of the Third Port is dedicated to the sea goddess of Mazu. The temple serves as the worshipping center for local people because most of the residents depend on fishing for a living. Nantian Temple was built in 1950 in order to appreciate Mazu’s blessings. The temple shoots to fame as the first one in Taiwan which worships a “gold Mazu statue.” Another precious “Jade Mazu statue” is also a piece of art. The main body of the temple is built in the form of a Fujian-style palace, which features a brilliant and magnificent structure. All in all, Nantian Temple is not only an important part of life for local people but also a popular religious site for tourist worshippers.
  • 南方澳
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Nanfangao Tourist Center


address:No. 85, Jiangxia Rd., Su’ao Township, Yilan County 270, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

website:Click here

Remark:Courtesy-Tourism Bureau, R.O.C(交通部觀光局)

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