Seven Stars Lake
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Seven Stars Lake is in fact not a lake but a crescent-shaped bay north of the suburban Hualien. Embraced by mountains on both sides, Seven Stars Lake features a beautiful pebble shore which stretches to the vast blue of the Pacific Ocean. Another beauty is the park along the coast with a wide spread of sumptuous meadows and palm trees sprinkled around. The vast ocean, spectacular mountains and lush grass make a serenely beautiful painting. Seven Stars Lake is usually packed with tourists at dusk when they paddle at the beach or bike along it. As one of the most popular tourist routes with beautiful ocean views, the well-planned cycling path stretches about 13 kilometers to the South Coastal Park and North Coastal Park in downtown. The Chihsing Tan Katsuo Museum bySeven Stars Lake is renovated from an old katsuo factory to preserve the history of this important katsuo manufacturing region in early Taiwan.
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Seven Stars Lake


address:Hai’an Rd., Xincheng Township, Hualien County 971, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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