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Due to its plateau topography, Linkou is frequently covered in dense fog. The climate is favorable for tea production because the abrupt change of cold and warm temperature makes tea leaves more texturally solid, thus allowing more brews. Besides the superior quality, tea grown on a flat plateau is easier to pick than the ones planted on steep slopes. As a result, tea farms in Linkou in early times were estimated to cover over 4,000 acres. During the Japanese Occupation, tea was exported to Japan and the Taiwan Presidential Office even set up a “training center for tea production” (currently Tea Research and Extension Station) in Linkou. Even though tea production reached a peak amount after the Retrocession of Taiwan, the number of tea farms in the Linkou area gradually decreased due to a shifting emphasis to industrial development. Today, only a few farms are still in operation. Sheng Jin is one of them. Founded in 1988, Sheng Jin Taiwan Tea is now transformed from a tea manufacturer into a leisure tea house which offers delicious tea cuisine and comprehensive tea tourism on holidays, with the 0.7-hectare (approximately 7,000 m2) tea farm serving as a classroom for ecological education. The tea house is complete with a 100-ping (approximately 330 m2) tea factory and a 70-ping (approximately 230 m2) space for product display and tea sampling. Various tea activities and sessions are available in Sheng Jin, including tea processing DIY, tea sampling, tea art, and tea ceremony, etc. All of them teach tourists the art of tea in an entertaining and informative way.
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Sheng Jin Taiwan Tea & Sheng Jin Tea Factory


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