Sanxia Old Street
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Minquan Old Street which runs parallel to Sanxia River used to boast a prosperous textile dyeing industry, thanks to the clear water, convenient river transportation, and abundant goldfussia formosanus, a plant for dyeing. The old street was originally called Sanjiaoyong Street and had been a business center since the Qing Dynasty. A number of businessmen and wealthy people moved to the area due to the thriving development of textile dyeing industry. In order to show their financial strength, they put up big money just for an exquisitely decorated house. Today, the renovated old street has achieved a balance between the old and new and become a popular tourist spot with a great variety of specialty stores and street food shops, such as the notable Bull Horn Croissants shop, the time-honored brand Tea Soap, and the textile dyeing workshops which offer indigo plant dyeing DIY fun. The Zushi Temple at the front of the old street is always filled with sincere worshippers and is the best place to appreciate the beauty of Eastern sculpture.
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Sanxia Old Street

phone:Sanxia Old Street Development Association: +886-2-27112948 Sanxia District Office: +886-2-26711017

address:No. 1, Minquan St., Sanxia Dist., New Taipei City 237, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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