Tao Yuan Golf & Country Club
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Established in 1980, the Tao Yuan Golf & Country Club has 27 standard holes which are divided into three parts: East Course, South Course, and Course West. The par-37 East measures 3,666 yards, par-36 South 3,609 yards, and par-36 West 3,541 yards. Situated on a plateau with mild elevation changes in Longtan, the fairways of Tao Yuan Golf & Country Club are expansive without dramatic undulations, but the course is not as manageable as it looks due to the length of the holes, such as the 756-yard par-6 opening hole in the East course. As the longest in Taiwan, this hole has attracted many golfers to test their game. A practice range was added in 1998. Professional onsite coaches are available from early morning to 9 p.m. for teaching and consultation. In addition to golf services, the inclusion of a new clubhouse and Yaward Hotel in 1991 further turns the Tao Yuan Golf & Country Club into a golf resort which combines leisure and lodging, partly thanks to a location adjacent to Shimen Reservoir. Yaward Hotel offers 61 exquisite suites with free wifi service. Guests can access the swimming pool, tennis court, basketball court, fitness center, pool table, practice range, karaoke, and night-biking. It’s a perfect destination for a family vacation or business trip.
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Total fairway:27 Fairway length:East Course: 3,511; South Course: 3,435; West Course: 3,329 (measured from white tee) address:No. 100, Yaward Rd., Longtan Dist, Taoyuan City, Taiwan phone:+886-3-4803388 fax:+886-3-4894350 restaurant:No / Driving Range:No / other:conference room, lodging, swimming pool, fitness center, playground area
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