Yung-Han Golf Club
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Yung-Han Golf Club was founded by the renowned Japan-based Taiwanese entrepreneur Chu Yung-han, an avid traveler who had visited most of the famous courses in the world. Among the designs he had visited, he gave extremely high marks to St. Andrews Old Course, which was also one of his favorite courses. Attracted to its pristine style, Chu hoped that Taiwan could develop its own Scottish-style links course. The idea was a challenge to the popular course design concept in Taiwan back then. To achieve his goal, Chu invited Shunsuke Kato, founder of the Japan Golf Association, to turn the relatively mild terrain in Luzhu into an authentic links-style 18-hole layout. Instead of planting trees, Kato uses rolling dunes along both sides of the fairways to define and separate individual holes. The classical beauty of the course successfully distinguishes Yun-Han from other layouts in Taiwan. Aside from its beauty, Shunsuke Kato’s expertise in strategic design is also a great contributor to this whimsically creative and utterly challenging course, which is even more menacing when the wind blows from the sea. The clubhouse is an exquisite design by Akira Nishioka, the chairman of STUDIO 80, Japan. The interior of the clubhouse is decorated with logs in a classy British club setting, which further gives Yun-Han Golf Club a tinge of European elegance.
  • 永漢
  • 永漢
  • 永漢
  • 永漢
  • 永漢
Total fairway:18 Fairway length:6,690碼 address:No. 300, Sec. 1, Nanshan N. Rd., Luzhu Dist., Taoyuan City 338, Taiwan (R.O.C.) phone:03-324-5711 fax:03-324-5730 restaurant:Have / Driving Range:Have / other:sauna, lounge
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