Taipei Golf Club
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Taipei Golf Club is one of the most historic golf clubs in Taiwan. The layout began as a 9-hole track established by He Ying-qin, the late Military Strategy Consultant for the Presidential Hall, on a piece of property in the Southern Airport (currently the Youth Park). Due to an urban development project, the course was relocated to Wu-zhi Mountain in 1973 and then again to its present site in Luzhu, Taoyuan in 1978. In 1983, the 18-hole Northern Course was completed, followed by another 18-hole track—the Southern Course—in 1984. The Taipei Golf Course features two parts: The A-B course designed by Chen Hou-shun stretches to a total of 6,637 yards with a rating of 71.6 while the C-D track of the Southern Course, a beautiful work of the Japanese course designer Kiyoshi Tomita, measures 6,983 yards with a rating of 72.4. In addition to the standard 36-hole tracks in the Southern and Northern courses, the Taipei Golf Course also offers a 9-hole track called Central Course, which is used as a teaching ground. A total of 45 holes make the Taipei Golf Course one of the largest golf layouts in Taiwan. Practice bunkers, greens, chipping grounds of various difficulty levels, and a driving range are also available. Everything you need as a golfer is ready for you! The Taipei Golf Club has been active in golf promotion in Taiwan. Special rates for public access are provided on the “Golf Day” of Monday and Wednesday. In addition, the club has further sponsored or co-hosted several professional and amateur events in Taiwan. With more than 5,000 members, the club has the most golfers in Taiwan—surely one of the most popular courses you can play in Formosa.
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Total fairway:36 Fairway length:A-B Course: 6,637/C-D Course: 6,983 address:No. 34-1, Chituqi, Kengzi Vil., Luzhu Dist., Taoyuan City 338, Taiwan (R.O.C.) phone:+886-3-3244856 fax:+886-3-3243219 restaurant:No / Driving Range:No / other:not available
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