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Chang An Golf & Country Club
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Situated in the Changan district at the border of Hsinchu and Taoyuan, Chang An Golf & Country Club takes advantage of the dramatic concave terrace, which guarantees natural beauty and quietness with the spectacular view of surrounding mountains and the open sea of the Taiwan Strait. Wind is less strong on the course than in neighboring regions, which makes it a great place for golf in autumn and winter. Chang An Golf & Country Club began construction in July 1998 and was opened on July 1, 1992. The design project was carried out by a team led by the legendary golfer “Golden Bear” Jack Nicklaus. All natural traits remained unchanged, including lakes and ponds, streams, forests, and other topographical characteristics. The dramatic elevations give the fairways rolling undulations as seen in a bench terrace. That the front nine are completely different from the back nine adds much variety to the layout. The 452-yard, par-4 6th is the most difficult hole. The left dogleg, the bunker in the middle of the fairway, and the hills to the right all pose a challenge to distance control and iron selection.
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Total fairway:18 Fairway length:6,932碼 address:No. 376, Neighborhood 1, Beiwo Rd., Changan Vil., Hukou Township, Hsinchu County 303, Taiwan (R.O.C.) phone:03-5693458 fax:03-5693280 restaurant:Have / Driving Range:No / other:not available
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