Pao Shan Golf Club
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Pao Shan Golf Club was developed in 1994 and opened in December 1997. The course is about ten minutes’ drive from downtown Hsinchu, fairly easy to access by car. The layout is contoured to fit the natural topography and elevation changes but not overly difficult since the undulations are not too dramatic. The fairways boast exceptional soft and dense turf thanks to the most premium Korean velvet grass imported from Japan. The tree lines separating the fairways create pressure to the golfers with undulations further adding difficulty to the game. Driving from the par-3 8th is a test of unnamed fear accentuated by the large pond in the front. The reflection of the trees in the water seen from the green and the babbling streams down the landscaping waterfalls make it extremely hard to stay calm and keep concentrated. Managing distance becomes a tough task as well due to the mildly uphill fairways and the strong winds blowing down from the back of the greens. Full confidence is definitely a must for amateurs dealing with this hole.
  • 寶山高爾夫球場01
  • 寶山高爾夫球場02
  • 寶山高爾夫球場03
  • 寶山高爾夫球場04
  • 寶山高爾夫球場05
  • 寶山高爾夫球場06
  • 寶山高爾夫球場07
  • 寶山高爾夫球場08
Total fairway:18 address:No. 465, Sec. 2, Baoxin Rd., Baoshan Township, Hsinchu County 308, Taiwan (R.O.C.) phone:+886-3-5762888 fax:+886-3-5762605 restaurant:No / Driving Range:No / other:not available
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