Hsin Chu Golf Country Club
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Founded in 1968 by Hsu Chin-de, the former deputy chair of Taiwan Provincial Assembly, Hsin Chu Golf Country Club was the first 27-hole golf course in Taiwan. Located on the slope of Kengzukuo in Hsinchu’s Xinfeng Township, the course is covered with white pines and jack pines, which add difficulty to the play. The fairways are not long, but golfers at the tee have to be aware of the trees contouring the fairways to ensure a safe landing. Also, the putting surface is slower than usual. All these design features make the course a great golf destination filled with challenge and fun. Another noteworthy fact is that the Hsin Chu Golf Country Club underwent a change of management a few years ago. The overall quality has since been enhanced, with neat, beautiful grounds from tee to green and lush, green grass. This course is the cradle of Taiwan’s professional golf. Some great professional golfers, including Lin Wen-tang, have honed their skills on this beautiful course.
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Total fairway:27 Fairway length:6,900碼 address:No. 104, Kengzikou, Xinfeng Township, Hsinchu County 304, Taiwan (R.O.C.) phone:03-559-6141 fax:03-559-5109 restaurant:Have / Driving Range:Have / other:not available
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