Feng Yuan Golf Country Club
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Established in 1962, the 54-year old Feng Yuan Golf Country Club is the first golf course in central Taiwan. Situated in the suburban Gonglaoping Plateau on the east of Fengyuan, the course features a welcoming climate which is warm in winter and cool in summer as well as a convenient connection to Highway 4. A panoramic view is guaranteed at fairways overlooking the surrounding landscapes. Golfers can enjoy a beautiful view of Fengyuan area and even the Taichung Port on clear days from the front nine. On the back nine, they are able to soak up the beauty of the distant Shih-kang Dam, with Daxue Mountain visible on clear days. The course boasts a rich biodiversity which includes various plant species and vegetations. It also serves as both a habitat and a foraging area for a number of animals and birds such as butterflies, beetles, moths, amphibians, crested serpent eagles, scaly thrushes, Muller’s barbets, cattle egrets, and others. With the spectacular landscape in the distance and the beautiful layout in front of golfers’ eyes, the course offers natural beauty and a great golfing experience. The old clubhouse has been renovated into a new building complete with new men’s/ women’s lockers, bathrooms, restaurants, lounges, and offices. More challenges are added to the 18-hole track. Twenty-four electric five-seater golf carts are also made available to offer the best service to its members and golfers in general.
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Total fairway:18 Fairway length:9,165碼 address:No. 23, Pingding Ln., Shuiyuan Rd., Fengyuan Dist., Taichung City 420, Taiwan (R.O.C.) phone:04-2522-2835 fax:04-2522-6704 restaurant:No / Driving Range:No / other:not available
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