Nan Fong Golf Club
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Included in the Rolex World’s Top 1,000 Golf Courses and honored as one of Taiwan’s top three courses in a vote held by Asian Golf magazine, Nan Fong Golf Club is a great design by the legendary Mexican-American golfer Lee Trevino, or “The Merry Mex.” The course is a slanted layout on the mountainside featuring less-undulating front nine and uphill back nine. Soft breezes are omnipresent and an unobstructed view of downtown Nantou and Taichung is available from the course, with Jiujiu Peak and Central Mountain Range in the distance. Furthermore, it feels like walking on the clouds on rainy days. The north-south oriented fairways prevent the strong sunlight in early morning and in the afternoon. The American-style fairways emphasize natural undulations, which on one hand gives challenge to the play and on the other serves as a great drainage system which minimizes the influence of rain. A rich variety of blossoms await you on the course year-round. In springtime, there is a festival of flowers with dried baobab trees in the background; in summer the course is embraced by white tung blossoms; in autumn golfers are greeted by the beautiful pink flowers of floss-silk tree; and at the year-end they will see cherry blossoms luxuriantly bloom on the branches. Average golfers on the white tee may find the fairway not long and mistakenly think the challenge lies only in the fast, tricky green. The thought usually leads to a bad score. Reluctant to admit defeat, they usually strive for better results. On the contrary, professional golfers on the blue tee are in sight of the thrilling challenge of the fairway direction and thus can feel the pressure of the menacing hazards around the strategic options. However, ladies who play limited distance are also able to harvest a good score and boost a sense of achievement. The clubhouse of Nan Fong Golf Club features a Spanish-style leisure manor design, which is an extension of Mediterranean-style architecture. The 1,900-ping (6,281 m2) clubhouse offers various amenities, including Chinese and western restaurants, two different-sized banquet halls, male/female lockers, spa (including a steam sauna), a proshop and six highly-private VIP rooms, etc. The female-exclusive box-style lockers (for 2-4 ladies) and spa area is a lofty, elegant private space which shows sufficient respect to female golfers and brings on a feeling of being spoiled. This women-centered design is part of the original concept when building the clubhouse and has been receiving highly positive feedback among female golfers. The half-open spa area for men entertains gentlemen with the vast, spectacular view of Jiujiu Peak of the Central Mountain Range. The ambience changes as the night falls, when the city lights are on and the twinkling stars look down from the sky. What a romantic view! The restaurants in the course offer a variety of Sichuan/Japanese/Cantonese cuisine in combination with local specialty dishes. In addition to delicious food, the restaurants overlooking the downtown serve as a great place to admire the enchanting night view. Guests are embraced by mountains and lakes when they dine in any of the restaurants. It is also a great pleasure appreciating the beautifully designed fairways when players enjoy their game on the course.
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Total fairway:18 Fairway length:7065碼 address:No. 336-1, Fengshan Rd., Nantou City, Nantou County 540, Taiwan (R.O.C.) phone:049-225-4868 fax:049-225-7808 restaurant:Have / Driving Range:No / other: not available
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