Hsin Yi Golf Club
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Hsin Yi Golf Club is a branch business of the renowned Yuen Foong Yu Group in Taiwan and is one of the three courses in Taiwan designed by the prestigious Japanese course designer Hiroshi Watanabe. Sprawling on a vast piece of property in a leaf shape, the course is a perfect golf terrain which connects the Chia--Nan Plain on the north, west, south and backdropped by the hills on the east. Broadleaf trees, . such as yellow palm and breadfruit , are widely planted on the long fairways to create distinctive features for each hole. The double-green design further adds more variety to the fairway. Hsin Yi Golf Club provides a 3,018-square meter double-green practice ground, the largest one in Taiwan. There is ample space for multiple golfers to practice at the same time without disturbing each other. The clubhouse utilizes elegant Fujian-style design for its exterior walls. The red tiles on the roof and the pristine-looking wall of guanyin stones gives the building an exquisite antiqueness and classical beauty. Due to the length of fairways, Hsin Yi Golf Club is quite challenging, with the par-5, 597-yard 8th being the most difficult. The uphill, super-long fairway often makes golfers agonize over the insufficient distance. The 211-yard sixth is the longest among the short holes. A pond placed at the center of its fairway is a test to golfer’s consistency with a fairway wood or a hybrid.
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Total fairway:18 Fairway length:6600~7600碼 address:No. 1, Xinyi Rd., Tongling Vil., Dashu Dist., Kaohsiung City 840, Taiwan (R.O.C.) phone:07-656-3211 fax:07-656-3636 restaurant:Have / Driving Range:Have / other:not available
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