Tatun Golf Club
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Situated in New Taipei City, Tatun Golf Club is nestled in the lushly green Tatun Mountain and near the Tamsui River. The golf club was established in October 1974 and opened in June 1980. However, the complete 18 holes were not in operation until 1987. Built on the foothills of Tatun Mountain and routed according to the original undulations and elevations, the layout retains the natural pastoral and forest settings. Situated in a tranquil valley, Tatun Golf Club is regarded as one of the most beautiful and amicable golf destinations for golfers in northern Taiwan thanks to the carpet-like grass, screens-like layered hills, blue sky and ocean in the distance, and the well-maintained fairways and greens contoured by innumerable flowers and trees of different species. Designed by the “Father of Taiwan’s Golf” Chen Jin-shi, Tatun Golf Club measures a moderate 6,548 yards, but the narrow fairways contoured by trees encourage golfers to play conservatively to ensure a safe landing on the fairway. Another reminder: With most of the OB’s on the right of the fairways, those who are prone to slices may want to put more balls in the bag!
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Total fairway:18 Fairway length:6,548碼 address:No. 309, Shanggong Rd., Tamsui Dist., New Taipei City 251, Taiwan (R.O.C.) phone:02-2621-3271 fax:02-2621-0388 restaurant:Have / Driving Range:No / other: not available
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